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I am looking for the birth Mother of Jean Gibbens(Gibbons), this was the name on the Adoption papers. She was born on the 29th November 1917 or 1918, her grandmother Annie Mcloughlin also used the names ( Oswald, Kennedy, Rennard, Johnson Peterson, Mollar, Summers),gave consent for the Adoption of Jean .The adoption took place on the 10th January 1923, Jean was adopted by Clarence and Edith Glendenning. Jean's  adoption name was Betty Jean Glendenning she was only with the Glendenning's till the 1st of August 1923.Jean then was placed in the care of the state of Tasmania, where she remand till 1940.Annie had a daughter Coraline May Peterson who also used the name Mollar, Jean could have been born in Tasmania, Victoria, or New South Wales. If anyone could help me with any information on the birth Mother of Jean we would be very thank full.
vickie harris
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