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To whom it may concern I really am desperate for help, I have spent hours on ywebsites looking for my family history. I just cant get matches. My great grandfather is a mystery to me as I cant trace him at all. my parnets dont know much about him except that he was Richard Wenks an englishmen, who immigrated from I think wales to Africa. I dont kno weather he stayed in south africa at all but I was told that around 1916 him and my great granmother Anna (Pretoirus) were waitng for a ship back to England from Mozambique. Anna was pregant with my Grandfather Arthur when Richard Wenks fell sick with the spanish flu/fly epidemic and died. Reasons unkown Anna did not what to keep Arthur so Anna father Opua Pretorius adopted his grandson Arthur who became Arthur Pretorius, he was born 8 November 1916. i really would love to find ties with the wenks and find out about the family mystery. I have used websites where I found it costly only to find out nothing. Greatly appreciated Chantelle Trefz (Pretorius)
Chantelle Trefz
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