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Luman Colburn
Pat Colburn
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I am searching for Luman Colburn who was born Nov.21,1808 in Rindge,N.H. to Issac Colburn and Sally Putnam.  He married Emeline Howe April 26,1836 in Rindge,N.H.  They had 3 children:  Laura who married George Norris in 1858 in Charleston,Vt. and died in Feb.1858or1859 of childbirth.  Chastina who married David Jenness in Holland,Vt.  and died in 1885 in Holland, Vt.  Elbridge who was born Feb.1846 in Tunbridge,Vt. married (1)Elizabeth Kelley in 1864 she died 1872Morgan,Vt. (2)Jane Maxwell1873 in Morgan,Vt. and she died 1886 in Brownington, Vt. (3) wife's name unknown.  Elbridge died 1913 in Craftsbury,Vt. and is buried in Brownington,Vt. with Jane Maxwell.  Emeline Howe Colburn lived with her daughter Chastina and is buried in Holland,Vt 1870.  Can not find where Luman went, any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Pat Colburn
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