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Poskus/ Paskevicius/ Groudis
Audra Zografos Audra Zografos
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Hi I am trying to find out about my grandfather and his family.

My father Rimas Jonas Poskus or Paskevicius not sure which surname he was born with. Was born in Kaunas or a small town/village around Kaunas on1st November 1933  his mother Stasys Marija Paskevicius could also be known as  Poskus . His fathers surname was Groudis , . I am trying to find out if my father had any siblings. He died about 28 years ago at the age of 44 and his mother died about 9 years ago. She did not bring him up as her son but as her younger brother for reasons I am not sure about.  She obviously did not let us know any details of my dads father. If anyone can help please let me know.


Audra Zografos Audra Zografos
sydney, Australia
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