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Repucci, Caporale, Guida, Weeder, Dewey
James Tobin
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Repucci, Caporale, Guida, Weeder, Dewey My Mother, VICTORIA ROSE DEWEY Her mother was: VICTORIA MARGARET DEWEY. Her parents were MICHAEL GUIDA, AND ANTOINETTE CAPORALE. Michael‘s parents were: ANTONIA GUIDA and MARIA (last maiden name unknown) Antoinette’s parents were: GIUSEPPE CAPORALE, and VITORIA, (VICTORIA) REPUCCI. From what I think I know, Michael Guida, born abt. 1848, arrived around 1891 of June from Port of VARREILES and NAPLES, ITALY and arrived in NEW YORK, on the passenger ship ALESIA. (I think)
James Tobin
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