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Nicholas TOBIN (abt. 1800) William Henry, Richard Henry TOBIN
James Tobin
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TOBIN ANCRESTRY I am looking, (Seriously, aren't we all) for relatives who immigrated from somewhere in Ireland, and may have planted their roots to areas like, Sydney, St.George, and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and parts of New England, mostly (as far as I know) in Massachusetts areas, back in the 1800's. My dad, VINCENT JOHN TOBIN, (born in Cambridge, MA) and his brother named FRANCIS XAVIER JOSEPH TOBIN. (…or FRANCIS JOSEPH XAVIER) Their father, RICHARD HENRY TOBIN, (married FRANCIS KERMER, b.1888) Richard Henry's father, William Henry Tobin, and his father Nicholas Tobin....my Great, Great, Grandfather who was FIRST married to CATHERINE SHEA, had the following Children, MARY JOSEPHINE TOBIN, b.1875 > CATHERINE TOBIN, b.1879 > JOHN FRANCIS TOBIN, b.1882 > When William Henry remarried to MARY DORAN (Stapleton) WIFE # 2, they had two kids, RICHARD HENRY TOBIN B.1893 > NICHOLAS FRANCIS TOBIN 1896-1978. William Henry's parents were NICHOLAS TOBIN AND ANN TEMPERANCE WILSON. That's where it ends so far with me and the Nicholas Tobin line. ANN TEMPERANCE WILSON'S parents were JOHN WOOTZEN (or WILSON) b.1786 d. 1806, and ELEANOR BATTERSBY, b. 1786 d. September 14, 1806. On a side note* Mary Doran [B.1856] (Stapleton) which was William Henry Tobin' 2nd wife, her parents were RICHARD DORAN AND ELLEN CLAIRE. And that's all I have for Mary. Also, I have nothing for William Henry's 1st wife, CATHERINE SHEA and her lineage before her. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, and I’m very sorry if I got some of this wrong. Thank you! James
James Tobin
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