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Francis Joseph Exavier Tobin
James Tobin
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FRANCIS JOSEPH XAVIER TOBIN was my only uncle on my father's side. I don't know much about him. My Father, VINCENT JOHN, (1920-1993) passed away before I could ask him about his family. All I have So far on my dad's side, is that his parents were-RICHARD HENRY TOBIN, (MARRIED TO FRANCIS KERMER, which may or may not have brother named, JOHN J. KERMER) And their parents were -WILLIAM HENRY TOBIN (MARRIED TWICE, 1st wife, CATHERINE SHEA, and had the following children - a) MARY JOSEPHINE TOBIN, b.1875> b) CATHERINE TOBIN, b.1879> c) JOHN FRANCIS TOBIN, b.1882> William H. Tobin / 2nd wife. MARY DORAN (Stapleton) children- d) RICHARD HENRY TOBIN B.1893> e) NICHOLAS FRANCIS TOBIN 1896-1978. As you know, any help would be greatly appreciative. Thank you! James Tobin
James Tobin
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