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O'Neill, From Scotland to Australia, Melbourne & Sydney last contact 1990's
James and Hanisi O'Neill
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We are looking for our family, our father died 1988 and we lost all contact with the O'Neill family in Aussie. All we know is that his name was Bernard Alexander O'Neill brother was James his wife was Patsy and the had a daughter Linda O'Neill, he also had a sister Kathleen O'Neill who never married and was a teacher in Bondi Beach in the 1980s on the staff at Christian Brothers High School in 1981. Their parents were James and Mary O'Neill we think and not sure if there is other siblings or not, we know they were from scotland and moved to Australia when the kids were little.

If anyone know's anything please reply. 

The O'Neills in New Zealand. 


James and Hanisi O'Neill
New Zealand
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