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My Irish Grand Parents From Shean / Co Armagh to Motherwell, Scotland
Ronnie Martin
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I'M hoping to find relatives of today,

My Great Grand parents came over from a townlet called Shean in Co, Armagh which came under the Area of Newry Co Down.  Their names were Patrick Murphy who married Mary Quinn (Queen)They had two sons Thomas & James  they arrived in Motherwell Scotland sometime between 1871 /1881 where they had another 3 children  Mary Born 1875, Bridget born 1877 & Patrick born 1881,

The 1881 Census is the last record I have of the Parents and the last 3 children, although they are children of the same name and who have said to have been born in Motherwell I cannot be definate that it is them, The Father and Mother I can find no record of them dying, or the children being married or dead throughout the whole Scottish Record Books,  they have vanished into thin air.

Is there anyone with any information of this family who could help me put the last peices of the jigsaw in place


It would be greatly appreciated


Ronnie Martin



Ronnie Martin
United Kingdom
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