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John (Jack) Arthur Dean - (Adrian Voncey) - Oak Lake, Manitoba
Trevor Toews
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Can anybody provide information on my father-in-law's birth parents.

His name was John (Jack) Arthur Dean, from Oak Lake, Manitoba. He had to change his name to the preceeding due to his enlistment with the military. He passed away in 1990.

We believe that he was raised as Adrian Voncey until then.

We believe that he was born in 1915; and taken in by George Francis, and Anne Louisa (Brennan) Dean immediately thereafter; out on a farm close to Oak Lake.

George and Anne also adopted another boy, William Algeron, who would have been born in 1888, but adopted in 1895.

After the war, he opened his own garage in Oak Lake. 

 Thank you. 

Trevor Toews
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