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Looking for help with Arney/Earney family in Lincoln County, NC
Stan Arney
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I'm looking for help, with the ARNEY/EARNEY family, in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

This family, came from the area of York(town), York County, Pennsylvania, between 1761-1772.

The Patriarch of this family was Jacob ARNEY (who left behind his Will, dated in 1782)

This family arrived in the area, when it was called Tryon County, North Carolina.

Jacob Arney's oldest (known) son, was Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. (1750-1834).

Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr., served as a Scout, for the Militia, several times, including during the Battle of King's Mountain, and during the American Revolutionary War.

After his father's (Jacob) death, Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. received the plantation, and much of his father's land.

One thing I'm very interested in finding, is the actual (present day) location, of that very plantation.

It's believed to have been near Lincolnton, Lincoln County, North Carolina.

Eventhough, Lincoln County, has become smaller with the creation of other counties.

1842 - Catawba County formed from the northern half of Lincoln County

1846 - Gaston County formed from the southern half of (the remaining) Lincoln County

(Leaving Lincoln County's remnants sandwiched between the two created counties, with Lincolnton remaining in Lincoln County) 

Finding the actual location, of the Arney plantation, in Lincoln County, North Carolina, would be a great find.


Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it. 

Stan Arney
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