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Szarek, Forys
Patricia Buckley
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I am looking for information on the Szarek and Forys families please.  My grandmother, Julia Forys and grandfather Frank Szarek came over from Poland and settled in West Warwick, RI.  They had 7 children all born in the USA.  

Theodore J.   b. 19 Feb 1916, d. 22 Nov 1997

Mary (Padula)  b.  Feb 17 1917, d. ?

Josephine (St. Jean)  b. 1919, d. ?

Raymond  b. 26 Mar 1921, d. living ?

Felix J.  b. 04 Feb 1923, d. living ?

Frances (Begos)  b. 22 Sep 1929, d. 01 Jan 2006

Stasia J. (Strzepek)  b. 27 Nov 1934

I would like information prior to their arrival in the USA.  Siblings, maiden names, parents, grandparents...  It's my understanding that many people changed or shortened their names during migration so I'm not sure if I have the correct names.  They have listed their nationality as Austria, Polish on the ships manifest.

 Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you 

Patricia Buckley
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