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Pyne connections Somerset and Bristol
jeremy pyne
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Am looking to get any thoughts or comments to help confirm or disprove a theory I am working on. It concerns possible connections between Pyne families in Somerset and Bristol. Firstly we have Isaac Pyne, b c 1779 - thought to be in Wellington though have no birth record. He is believed to be the son of a John Pyne b 1739 in Langford Budville and wife Grace Palmer (married Langford B in 1769) Then we have Abraham Pyne, b c 1769 who married Ann Paris in Wellington and among other children had a daughter Grace Palmer Pyne. Use of that name suggests that Isaac and Abraham were brothers but frustratingly we have no confirmed birth records. Believe the most likely source would be non conformist records in the Wellington area. Thirdly and of keen interest to me is my own earliest Pyne family ancestor a Joseph Pyne (b c 1772) who raised a family just to the west of Bristol. Again his birth and marriage record have proved elusive after many years searching. The generation anduse of old testment names, together with Isaac having children in Bristol does seem to suggest a possible connection and it may just be that Isaac,Abraham and Joseph were all brothers , but tis just conjecture. - Any thoughts,comments welcome. Jeremy
jeremy pyne
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