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Hollinger Family Information
Paul D.
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I have been working on sorting out the Hollinger family branch of my tree.

From the marriage of Johannes Hollinger and his wife Johanna Hollinger (Holiger) and looking into their ancestors I have found many differences in the ancestor chain.

Some peoples family trees have a father to son relationship and otheres have another person in between the same two people.

I have come to the conclusion, however that the oldest ancestor of both these people, namely Heini Hollinger ( Heini Spithzenhein or a few other names), born 1425-1426,  is the same 5th or 6th great grandfather for each of them. I also belive that Kunratt (Conratt Hollinger) and Hans Hollinger, each of whom appear on different sides of these tree branches are brothers.

I am compiling information to sort all of this.

If you have run into this confusion in these branches or have more insite about them, please let my know what you have found.


Thank you, Best Regards.

Paul Deemert

Paul D.
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