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Walter Schultz, born 1923, Sonoma California?
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I was hoping I might find any information on my grandfather. His name was Walter Schultz, no middle name known. He was born approximately November 25 or 26, 1923. My grandfather remembered a tall thin woman taking him to and dropping him off at a home. I believe this was referring to his parents, Jeanette B Bickford & William E Bickford. For a long time it was speculated he was sold as a farmhand, I guess. I'm honestly not sure whether this refers to the Bickford's or what happened prior to being taken in by them. My grandfather passed away in 1978, so unfortunately we do not have much to go on at all. We don't know where the Schultz name even came from, and we have no birth certificate. It is possible that Jeanette's maiden name was Conners, and that she had a daughter named Geraldine, possibly now Geraldine Cunningham, as one obit I read listed a possible relation to Geraldine Cunningham. Geraldine may have had a daughter named Karen. Jeanette and William Bickford are buried together at Santa Rosa Memorial Park. I have found a census record from 1930, that I strongly believe is referring to him. It says he was 6 years old, and he lived with: Valley V Clark (M, 30y), Marie Clark (F, 20y), Minnie L Clark (F, 71y), Alice Miller (F, 15y), Lawrence Ruggles (M, 15y), and Harry Disbro (M, 13y). Located in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, California. It lists his relationship to the head of the household as "Boarder". My dad and I believe this record may be proof of a foster care situation, or something similar. I cannot find anymore information on anyone I've listed above, other than obits or SSDI information on those who are deceased (Valley V & Marie Clark, and Jeanette & William Bickford). I'm not sure on the rest of them. My grandfather married my grandmother, Marie, in San Francisco CA; they moved to Portland Oregon and raised 4 children. Please let me know if anyone may know anything. My dad is very interested in learning what he can about his dad. He got sick when my dad was 12, and died when my dad was 17, so my dad doesn't have a lot to remember him by. Thank you!

Gresham, OR
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