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Looking for information on ancestors
Sherrie Myers
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Hello, I am hoping by posting this that someone can help me find some information on my husband's ancestors.  I have been working on my husband's family tree and I am researching his great grandparents on his grandmother's side.  I am interested to find more out about them because they have been a mystery to his family.  His great grandparents are Burgess Nelson Sharp and Laura Ellen Davis.  His grandmother is Thelma Rosetta Sharp and she married William Ray Myers. 

 I have found information on Burgess Nelson Sharp and very little on Laura Ellen Davis.  I would like to know more about Laura Ellen Davis.  She was on the 1900 Census records in the household with Burgess Nelson Sharp and their children.  Thelma Rosetta Sharp was born in 1908 (she is their daughter) Then on the 1910 Census Records for Burgess Nelson Sharp, Laura Ellen Davis and their daughter, Thelma is not listed in the household.  After the 1900 census I can't find anything else on Laura Ellen Davis.

On the 1920 Census Thelma and her brothers, Charles Edward Sharp and Fred W Sharp is on the census records which I believe was a household for a children's home because they were young when their father, Burgess Nelson Sharp died in 1915.  My husband's family does know that Thelma Rosetta Sharp grew up in a children's home.

 Any information you have I would appreciate it please reply if you can help me out!  This is just a mystery to us and we would like to know more information on Laura Ellen Davis.  Then again we may never know!



Sherrie Myers
Fredericktown, OH
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