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Rowe Family Lines in MN, IL, NY and England areas
Linda Rowe
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I am working on my family lines and have traced the Rowe Family to such states as New Your, Illinois, England and Minnesota which I am from. I am sure there are more Rowes that are in this family line that are in other states not lised. I know that The Rowe family I am researching immigrated From England and went to the New York area and alot of the Rowes either were farmers, owned businesses or served in millitary or all three. If you have anything that may be of help it would be appreciated. The names I have so far are as follows.

Charles Rowe IL   married Mary Hunter NY

Newton s Rowe MN  married maggie Bruns MN

James Charles Rowe MN  married  Martha Coply NY

Joseph Rowe england  married Rebecca  Unknow    England

Josepht and Rebecca had charles and charles married Mary and they had newton, newton married maggie and they had James charles.  


If you have any stories, documents, dates, information, or anything that can be of help please do contact me I am working on a book of my family history.


Thank You

Linda Rowe

Linda Rowe
Browerville, MN
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RE: Rowe Family Lines in MN, IL, NY and England areas
Zack Roe
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Hi Linda,

             I am also working on my family history and I think there may be a possibility that we are related. To start off I'll tell you that my families name was Rowe up until around 1913 or shortly after, it was changed due to some sort of family fued. Our family is from england and believed to be from a well to do family. I was told that we came to America very early, possibly the 1600's or earlier and that our family had an orchard where new york city is today. I know that they didnt stay there long and relocated to Virginia/kentucky. Throughout the 1800's it is believed that members of the family then went to possibly North Carolina, Illinois, Utah, and possibly other states out west. My great Grandfather, Henry Roe, Relocated his family to Cincinnati Ohio in the mid 1930's. He was born Henry Wilson Rowe in 1913, his father was Jasper Rowe, and his father was Lorenso Dowd Rowe, and his fathers name was possibly John Rowe. I know many members of the family served in the Civil War. Shortly after the civil war I know that 2 of my great great grandpas brothers were hung in New York City as criminals of war for their roles in the Confederate Army. I dont know a whole lot about the family before my great grandfather and his brothers but I know that they were all professors and teachers and also had small businesses on the side as well as farmers, it's even believed that 1 of our relatives ran for the senate. My great grand father Started his construction company in 1935, and today we're still in. Also the names Henry, Roger, and William are very repeatative in our Family, we are believed to be descendents of William The Conquerer. So I don't have the concrete proof that we are related but there are definitely signs that we could be, Rowe isn't an extremely common name so I think the chances might be good. 

Zack Roe
Milford, OH
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