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The Asseo, Aseo, Asseyo surnames originally of Valencia, Spain, then Istanbul and possibly elsewhere in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey
Dogan Akman
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I am Dogan (Nissim) Davit Akman(Aseo) born in Istanbul,son of Davit Aseo (married to Ines (Mazalto) de Taranto who was born in Istanbul and married in 1938) born in Inebolu  whose siblings were Leah (Lilly) and Itzhak,grand-sonof Nisim Aseo ( Vida Levi (born circa. 1874 and married in Istanbul in 1908),whose places of birth are unknown, both passed away in Istanbul and are buried at the Haskoy Cemetery,great-grand-son ofDavid Aseowhose ancestors originated from Spain, possibly the Valencia region.  I am researching my ancestry. If you are also researching your ancestry and you think you might be related to any of these people, please send a word tome atDogan.Akman@rogers.com On the other hand, if you happen to know of anyone else doing a similar search for the same names please do send this message along to that person. Thank you.Dogan (Nissim) Davit Akman (Aseo) 
Dogan Akman
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