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The Taranto/de Taranto surname- Apulia, Balkans,Istanbul
Dogan Akman
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I am Dogan(Nissim) Davit Akman (Aseo) born in Istanbul;son of I. Mazalto (Ines) deTaranto born in Istanbul; grand-son ofII.Mordechai aka Shapat ( son of Itzhak)de Taranto of Edirne and later Istanbul ((married to Roza Bourla or Burla whose other children were 2) Sol (who married a Bulgarian),3) Zelda, 4) Izak and 5) Miryam));great-grand son of III.Itzhak (son of Shalom) Taranto, of Edirne (( married more than once, whose other children were 2) Shelomo,2) Avraham and 3)Hursi )), and great-great grand-son ofShalom(or Shelomo) Taranto whose ancestors originated from the Apulia Region of southern Italy((whose other children, besides Itzhak, were 2)Lea aka Dudu (married to Shemuel Gerassi); 3)Aaron aka Behor(( married more than once, whose other children were 1) Esther; 2) Shelomo Nissim (married to Esther Razon) and 3) Zimbul (married to Avraham Cozi));and 6) Bolisu (married to Yossef Danon)), I am researching my ancestry.  If you are also researching your ancestry, and you think you might be related to anyone of these persons, please send a word to Dogan.Akman@rogers.com.  On the other hand, if you also happen to know of anyone else doing a similar search for the same name please do send this message along to that person.


Dogan Akman
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