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Looking for Mahoney, McCrink, and Maguire
Patricia Mahoney Nostrand
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My grandfather, John Joseph MAHONEY was born in Dublin, Ireland ,12 July 1892, and died in Maspeth, New York in 1961.   I believe his middle name (Joseph) may have been his confirmation name, not his christened name.  His was raised in Kildare.  He married Ellen (Helen) Healy in 1922.

He had one brother (Thomas Joseph Mahoney), and  one sister (Mary Mahoney).  John emigrated to the USA around 1910, and went to live with his brother Thomas Mahoney in Washington D.C.  Thomas had gone to the USA in 1906 to live with his uncle Patrick McCRINK. 

I am not sure if their father's name was John, or Thomas, but I know their mother's name was Mary Ann McCrink.  Their father, my great grandfather, died when John was a baby, which would be anywhere between 1892-1894. 

His sister, Mary Mahoney, married a man with the surname MAGUIRE.  They lived in Dublin and had either four or five children.  The children's names were Bridie (Bridget), John, Sheila, Thomas, and the questionable one was Molly.  The "mystery" is whether or not Molly was Bridie's friend, or one of the Maguire children, because Bridie did have a friend named Molly.  The reason it is a mystery is because my grandfather was very closed mouthed about Ireland, and his family still in Ireland.

All the Maguire children emigrated to the USA, except for Sheila.  She remained in ireland and was a singer.  She and her mother, Mary Mahoney Maguire, died in the 1940's.

I have no information about the Mahoney clan before John Joseph Mahoney, other than his father possibly being a tailor.  I don't know if he had any uncles, or aunts on the Mahoney side.  I do know that my aunt found an old letter from Ireland addressed to my grandfather (John Mahoney), only the return address said O'MAHONY.  I don't know if that means that some of his family changed their name, but it looks like it.

The only thing I know about the McCrink clan is that my great grandmother's maiden name was McCrink, she had a brother Patrick who went to the USA, and her father's name was Thomas McCrink. I have no other information on her parents, nor if she had any other siblings.  I haven't been able to locate any McCrinks on any search engines.  Seems to be a very rare surname.

I also have no information about the Maguire family who came to the USA, other than Bridie being buried under a different last name in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Maspeth, New  York.

Patricia Mahoney Nostrand
Del Rio, TX
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