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Searching for relatives of Allen Russell Reid Jr.
Lela Reid
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Robert Allen Reid is trying to find out relatives on his dad's side--he wants to get to know that side of the family and find out more about the Reid family history.

Allen Reid Jr. was born11/25/1929 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania and died 5/19/1998 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. He married Mildred Earlynne Davis (date and place unknown). It is unknown when he came to Washington State. He fathered two children in Kennewick, Washington. Robert Allen Reid was born 8/10/1965 and Rebecca Ann Reid was born 11/28/1967.  

Robert has no pictures of his dad and knows nothing of his dad's side of the family becasue his mom took them away from their dad due to his heavy drinking (he was very abusive at the time). He was about 11 when he last saw his dad.

If anyone knows Allen's family, please get in touch with us at : leoman65@clearwire.net     

Lela Reid
Aberdeen, WA
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