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William Wood and Ann Patterson of the Sackville, New Bruinswick area.
Danny B Wood
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I'm looking for "ANY" information on William Wood and Ann Patterson. I've come to a road block in my family tree. they were married around 1806 in around the Sackville, (Coles Island) New Brunswick, Canada area. they had 4 (maybe more) children David Wood 1806-1874 ( which I am a descendant from),  Valentine Wood 1809-1888,  Nelson Wood 1813-?, and Joseph Paterson Wood  1818-1886.  I'm looking for more on the "Wood" side of their family , I'm wondering if William Wood came from the William Wood from Mass, U.S.A  who came up to the Sackville area ,or if his family came from Scotland.

any help would be "most helpful"

thank you

Danny Wood

Danny B Wood
truro, Canada
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RE: William Wood and Ann Patterson of the Sackville, New Bruinswick area.
Suzan Wood-Young
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Hello Danny,

While searching for info on William Wood I came across your post.  I see it was quite a while ago and you may have found more info since then.  I thought I'd share what I have with you anyway.  Though I don't have birth and death dates, I do have the names of William and Ann's seven children - John, Mildred, Maria, Jane, David, William and Valentine.  I'm a descendent of the Valentine line.  I noted with some interest that your profile linked to a private site called Wood-Smith.  My mother was Sandra Smith.  Coincidence?

Regards, Suzan Wood-Young

 P.S.  Just discovered Joseph Patterson Wood 1820-1886 born to William and Ann.  Also regarding William's origins, my information says he was born at Shae's or Shea's island, or perhaps at Plum Hill, Conneticut New England from research done at Mount A's library mostly on Josaiah Wood's family.  Sorry this is vague but it's recent info I have yet to follow up on.  If you have any more information it would be most appreciated.

Suzan Wood-Young
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