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I know that the Ringgold's go back to the 1600's and are in the history books, but it does not give personal information as to the family.  Supposedly Paul Lloyt Ringgold is a grgrgrgrandson of Dolly Madison an their are Ambassadors, Generals, Statemen, Admirals and towns named after the Ringgold's.   When they first came from England the King gave them the whole of the Chesapeake Bay area as a land grant, but again this is all information handed down by word of mouth.  If any one out there could help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Wesley Ringgold born 1854 is as far as I have been able to go back.  From the words handed down they sold the original home to Andrew Jackson, which is now a monument/museum.  Can any one help me.  send info to meemawring@yahoo.com.  Thank you
Geraldine Shoup
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