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would like to add onto family tree of fritz august berndt married to chrsitine durrheim
christine ferreira nee berndt
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my grandfather was fritz august berndt married to chrisitne durrheim. i would like to add on to his family tree. He had another son reuben friedrich berndt and another daughter helen adina berndt both deceased. His son reuben married petronella maria bosch. They had two daughters christine helene berndt and auguste marie berndt. Christine Berndty married John Owen Carlisle Ferreira who has three sons Peter-John Reuben Ferreira , James-Daniel Ferreira and Matthew-Owen Ferreira. Auguste Berndt Married Darrel Eberhardt and had a daughter Kayla Eberhardt and a son Kyle Eberhardt. My grandfather's other children Uncle Eddie and Aunty Helen never Married . Aunty Juanita got married in her late fifties to Joe Burmeister but nere had children.

christine ferreira nee berndt
stutterheim, South Africa
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