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John Shelby b. 1796
Myra Pinney
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Looking for info on John Shelby b. around 1796 in Chesterfield, SC, and Samuel Shelby b. around 1790 in SC, both entered War of 1812 in 1814 from SC, discharged in 1815 SC. John married Martha Jones in SC 1816.  Samuel married Lavina Meadows. Believe John and Samuel may be brothers, as joined war on same day, served in same company, and discharged same day. Believe both show up together in Lauderdale, AL at inventory estate sales in the years 1824 – 1826, and then again in 1831.  They appear to be in the Maury, TN 1830 census.  Believe they may be brothers to Rees who is in Lauderdale, AL from 1818 – 1835, who is probably son of Rees Jr from Chesterfield, SC.  Don’t have any documentation, but am searching.  If anyone has any info on either of these three possible brothers, or info to show they belong to some others please reply.helb
Myra Pinney
Cantonment, FL
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