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Koliopoulos, Kolias, Plapoutas
George Koleas
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Koliopoulos, Kolias, Plapoutas

I am trying to find British military records from 1811 for Demetrius (Dimitrios, Demetrios, Demetrakis) Plapoutas or Koliopoulos or Kolias. Fleeing from persecution by the Ottoman Empire of the Koliopoulos or Kolias family, he and possibly other family members, sought refuge in the Ionian Islands in 1811, where he joined the British army to fight the Ottomans as an officer in the Greek battalions in the Ionian Islands.

I am looking for how to locate British military records records from this time, an account of the Greek Batallions in the British army, in the Ionian Islands and any information about the Koliopoulos, Kolias, Plapoutas families.

George Koleas
Germantown, WI
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