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Santina Lo Piccolo
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Hello, sorry for my english, I’m Italian. I write you, after long search, because I’m searching LoPiccolo( Lo Piccolo) family emigrated in first time in Louisiana and after settled in Brooklyn, NY; the family was: -Frank LoPiccolo (b.1887 born in San Giuseppe Jato-Sicily, IT-d. abt 1954 Brooklyn, NY) and the wife was Catherine D’Alcamo LoPiccolo ;they had many children: Benjamin - Birth 1 Jun 1908– Louisiana ( died 13 Apr 1989 Garden City, Nassau, NY) Josephine - Birth abt. 1913 – Louisiana Gaetana/Tina - Birth abt. 1916 - New York ( probably married at Sigmund Tomaszewski ?) Joseph - Birth abt. 1918 - New York (unknown destiny) Florence - Birth abt. 1923 - New York (ditto) Diana - Birth abt. 1925 - New York (ditto) so by on line database what I found is that a Josephine LoPiccolo married to Ercole Forgione (Brooklyn 6 June 1936)… I know not if you are related or not, but I write you because just a probable Josephine Forgione died in Flushing, Queens, NY…. In this genealogy forum you can read my search: italiangenealogy.tardi...html#71330 Frank LoPiccolo had only a brother Vincenzo Lo Piccolo that lived in San Giuseppe Jato and decesead when was 98 old… for all him life he wishing Frank's news… the contact was ended abt in Frank death… I'm the grand daughter of Vincenzo LoPiccolo and I'm looking for LoPiccolo descendents in USA. Santina lo Piccolo
Santina Lo Piccolo
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