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RSA: Our founding father Nicolaas Laubscher, were there 2 different Nicolaas'?
Nadja Späth
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This topic is about the Laubscher Founder Father, Nicolaas, who arrived in South Africa around 1676 - and his immediate children. I have been working on my family tree on and off for the past 2 years and I kept find discrepancies with Nicolass Laubscher, founding father, married to Engeltjie, born Quint. According to the document copy I have, written by Lappe Laubscher titled "LAUBSCHER Familie Geskiedenis" - Niclolaus Laubscher was born 21.12.1651 in Switerland and married Engeltjie Quynt, born 19.11.1668 in the Netherlands.As I added and worked on the family tree, I came across several websites, forums and other myHeritage trees saying that Niclolaus (a.k.a. Nicolaas or Claas) was born in 1945. There were smart matches and many of them alternated between those two dates yet all said he was the husband of Engeltjie.Recently I came across new information (from various internet searches) stating that Nikolas Laubscher was born 15 Aug 1645 in Fraschels, Switzerland. He died in 1721 in Nooitgedacht. His parents were Bendicht and Agnes (born Gnagi). There is a Nooitgedacht in the Netherlands as well as South Africa so it is unclear where he died.Upon further investigation, as I tried to work backwards finding his parents and so forth, I came across more confusing information. Now I am aware that many people just copy information they find on the internet and hence a lot of disinformation is floating about (I admittedly do it myself). Yet, this is what I found in an attempt to be more accurate. It is clear there were two Nicolaas' and each married a different wife and each had different parents. Nicolaas b. 1651 - Parents Jan Albert & Franselin Nicolaas b. 1645 - Parents Bendicht & Agnes The issue arises when, according to several tress and sites and forums, each Nicolaas had the exact same children!So my question was: who did these children really belong to? The children in question were:Johannes Albert Laubscher b. 1686 d. 1714Eduard Laubscher b. 1688 d.1713Aletta Laubscher b. 1690Benjamin Laubscher b. 1694Elizabeth Laubscher b. 1697Anna Laubscher b. 1697(Possibly) Jan Josua Laubscher b. 1698(Possibly) Nicolaas Laubscher(Possibly) Benedicht Laubscher (Note: in many cases the surname spelling is different i.e. Loubser, Laubster and other information suggests three of the children died young therefore they aren't mentioned on any of the supporting documents mentioned next.) The only information I have found that has any supporting evidence has been from this website (http://www.ballfamilyrecords.co.uk/olivier/I297.html). There it states that according to various Wills, Inventories and Church Records - the children in question do in fact belong to Nicolaas b. 1645, married to Engeltjie Quint.Should I ever get to Cape Town (I live in Johanessburg), and if the opportunity arrises, I will try and varify this information. For now I guess it's safe to assume the Ball Family did their research. If anyone has anything further to add or evidence to share, please do so. Anything from ancestors to direct descendants. Hope this helps clarify the confusion for others.
Nadja Späth
South Africa
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