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Barbara Doshi
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Anyone having any info on a Lizzie Affel (Erie County N.Y.) It is the missing piece to a puzzle for me.  This is what I do know:

She had a son (maybe more) and named him John Henry Roth.  He lived most of his life in Chicago and I believe they immigrated here from Germany around 1881.  Since John's death certificate lists his date of birth as: 6-29-1847....I suspect that Lizzie would have been 15-24 years older than him.  Most of my relatives are German Lutherans.  I know that there is a Lizzie Appel buried in Town Line Lutheran Cemetery---however there are no dates, years, or anything else on the tombstone that would let me know if this is MY Lizzie Affel relative.

I specifically am looking for:  What town in Germany did Lizzie and John Henry come from?

Did they come alone---or were others on the ship with them?

Did Lizzie have any other childred?

Was Lizzie married to a Roth---if so, what was his name?  Also, if not and she just gave her son his name "Roth"....then did she at least list his name on the birth certificate (if there was one)               Thanks tons   Barbara-St Louis 

Barbara Doshi
Fenton, MO
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