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It's so easy to edit online, I did it from day one. Yes I uploaded a gedcom from my home program, or you can add them as you go.

If you are using the "classic look"3D tree, on the lefthand side of your page will be 2 tabs "LIST" or "PERSON". Click on person, it has a "edit details" tab there under the photo. You put in the dates of birth, death, marriage. Then when you are finished with that one, there will be detail under the photo of those you just put in. To put in places, (would've been handy to do this at same time) you click a box next to the one you want to edit and "edit" comes up, click that and a box will open up to put in places.

Easier to add parents as you already have the boxes above that person that says "Add Father or Mother" or "Add sibling"

I'm thinking maybe your problems are that your signing on as a guest not a webmaster, you may have to go back to your emails from Heritage to have a look at your passwords.

 Hope this helps everyone, only takes 2 minutes to show you, harder to write it down.Wink

Cheers everyone

Sandra Francis
Greenwith, South Australia
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