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Looking for my grandmother's family.
L'Ecuyer Nathalie
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Hello everyone,

I too am searching my family tree and I cannot seem to find anything in regards to my grandmother's family.

My grandmother, Winnifred Flynn, comes from Frog Marsh, Newfoundland, Canada. I found the names of her sibblings on a NFLD Census from 1921. On this census also appears her parents: Denis Flynn (Born August 1883 in Frog Marsh, NFDL) and Anastasia Ryan (Born October 1893 in Colliers, NFDL). And at the time, her grandfather William Flynn (Born July 1845 in Frog Marsh, NFDL) was alive and living with them.

My grandmother moved to the province of Quebec in 1934 and married my grandfather, Joseph Fourneaux, in 1939. I know by the marriage certificat that my great-grandfather Denis was still alive, but my greatgrandmother Anastasia was deceased.

L'Ecuyer Nathalie
Montreal, Canada
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