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George Guy and Ann Terry
Betty Guy
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George Guy was born in 1725 and probably born in America.  He married Ann Terry b. 1725 in America.  I have no proof of either of their parents.   Goerge and Ann has issue:  William who married Frances (Fanny) Wortham, George Jr. , Thomas Terry  and Sally Guy.  All born in Caroline Co., VA.

The earliest record of George Guy was in "Colonial Caroline" pg. 227:"  George Guy was a lawyer, already favorably known in royal circles in Williamsburg before he decided to settle in Caroline."  If this George Guy was born in Colonial Caroline, who was his father?  I suspect Thomas Guy but no proof.  Myself and other researchers suspect that Thomas Terry was the father of Ann Terry but again no proof.  title=Frown

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Betty Backer


Betty Guy
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