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Robilliard / Robillard of Channel Islands
Tanya Heckenberg
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Hello Everyone!

I am a direct descendant of Henry Robilliard born 1799 in St Peter Port, Guernsey - died 1879 Melbourne, Australia.

I believe Henry's parents to be, Jacques or James (1755-1805) ??? and Marie Robilliard nee Hill (1758 - 1805)???

I also believe that Jacques/James and Marie had the following Children;

James 1780-1862,

Jeanette Seamer 1783-1873,

Jean  1783-1873,

Pierre 1786,

Anne 1788-1837,

Judith Langlow 1791,

Samuel 1793,

Marie 1796,

Wiliam 1802,

Susan 1803,

Any information on the above Robilliards would be greatly appreciated, along with any burial info for Catherine Elizabeth Robilliard (nee Ogier) who was Henry's first wife (1801 - 1845) died St Helier, Jersey.

Please feel free to email me on tangwa@hotmail.com or by return post,

Thanks so much! :)

Tanya Heckenberg (nee Robilliard)

Tanya Heckenberg
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