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Loretta Mary Moore
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Hi, my name is Loretta (Mary?)  Moore. I was born Jan. 2, 1971, in Detroit Michigan. My brother Michael (Authur ?) Moore was born March 30, 1970, in Kittery Maine. We were in foster care in the 70's until we turned 18 in 1990. We would like to find out more about our family. We believe that our father and mothers names were Mary and Randall Moore, our parents possibly had several more children after were placed into foster care,  last know address, possible -- Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, may have been in other service, not sure, know that the family they gave us to was near byto where they lived,  but not sure.  There are no hard feelings, just want to find out about family. My brother and I both have small families now, spouse and children, but would like to know so much more.  

Also, want to find out medical information on the family. I had two children pass away before birth, and shortly after birth, second one had several medical problems, fistula in the treachea, as well as cystic fibrossis, and some other lung problems. Now I have a 8 yrar old daughter, she has several health issues as well, My husbands side is very healthy, so we feel that it is from the moore side. She has Allergies, chrinic asthma issues, two heart problems, an immune disorder that the drs cant figure out ( been sick almost 5 years and they cant tell us what it is yet) also she has a sleep disorder that is crazy. We want to see what we can find out, she needs to have some medical help, and be able to enjoy being a child.  We really appreciate any help anyone can give us. Thank you in advance, God Bless. Lori

Loretta Mary Moore
Montgomery, Alabama
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