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James clann sheumais MacDonald and Mary MacIsaac, NS to NFLD
Rhon White
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I am looking to find more information on James MacDonald, possible son of Alexander MacDonald and grandson of James (of Baillie) MacDonald. This James was likely born ca 1810. He married Mary MacIsaac, daughter of Murdoch(Strathlorne) and lived in Strathlorne , Inverness County, prior to coming to Codroy on the West Coast of Newfoundland. He and his children settled in and around the Codroy, Rattling Brook, Heatherton and Highlands area.

We know he is clann sheumais and we have narrowed him down as grandson of James who came to Canada in 1790. If you can offer any help, please get in touch. I have read reference to clann sheumais in Little Judique and surrounding areas in Nova Scotia but we have yet to make a match to fill out our family tree and claim our lineage as clann sheumais. there are many branches of this line of James and Mary and we are hopeful to connect with someone who can help us research our roots.

Rhon White
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