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Charles McMurtry who had daughter named Emma
Amanda Taylor
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Last name might be spelled with an e on the end. My great-great-great Grandma was Emma E. Camp and for many years family stories were that she had been adopted. She was supposedly a Native American and adopted by a white family by the last name of Cantwell and she was born in Indiana. Nobody could verify this but Emma never talked about her childhood with any of her kids. I never found out what her middle name is, but it starts with E. She was born October 10, 1880. In an obituary I found in an old photo album it stated her father was Charles McMurtrey and she had been born in Evansville, Indiana.

I have no clue about this Charles. no idea when he was born or where, who Emma's mother is or if she was in fact an indian. My mom remembers her since she died when my mom was a teen and says Emma looked like an indian, very dark complected with dark hair.

Any info, leads,etc would be great!  

Amanda Taylor
Pocahontas, AR
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