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Minton Family - Especially service in the War Between the States
Ken Minton
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Looking for any new information about the Minton family's involvement in this war.  In particular, any information if the brothers of William Carroll MInton of Tennessee - James Minton, John Minton Jr, Joel Walker Jonas Carter Minton, and Andrew Jackson Minton - served in the Confederate military.  William Carroll Minton (W.C. Minton) and his cousin, Wilson Winfrey Minton, both have verified Confededrate service records.  As to William's (W.C) brothers:

a.    I did find a Joel Minton who served in the Union army, was captured, and deserted, but the age appears to make this a different Minton, than my ancestor.  I have information on Joel's wife, the cemetary he is buried in, but no service record I can tie to him.

b.   I have found several A.J. Minton's with Confederate service records, but not enough information to determine if any of them were Andrew Jackson Minton.   One A.J. Minton I have eliminated because of an age difference. 

c.  There is not much listed on the fate of James Minton.  He was born about 1828.  Spousal or death information is still undertermined.   While I can find no direct service record on James Minton, a James Minton is mentioned on the pension application of a Thompson Robinson.  This James Minton purportedly served with Co G., 7th Battalion, Tennessee Confederate Cavalry.  I also have found a reference to a James C. Minton Private, who enlisted in he CSA, July 2, 1864 and died in Nevada, unit unknown.   Perhaps if my ancestor James Minton moved out to Nevada, his family lost track of him.

d.  John Minton, Jr.  There was a John MInton, variously listed on records as Jack Minton, John S. Minton, John L. Minton, and John Minton, with the 8th Cav and 4th Cav, who was apparently captured twice and the last time died as a POW (in 1863) at Ft Delaware.  There is quite a bit of evidence this could be John Minton, Jr.  However, there is another John Minton, who was on the census in Nashville, who may or may not be the same as my relative.

 I've also found some relatives through marriage, from the Nalls, of least one of whom was a Union Cavalry sergeant in Kentucky.

Ken M.

Ken Minton
Riverview, FL
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