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Morgan Family
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I am seeking any relatives of a Rees Morgan, he once worked on the Railway born 1862, his wife Ann Morgan nee Jones born 1863. They had four sons, the eldest John Lewis Morgan born 1883, Rees Morgan born 1886. Taliesin Morgan born 1896. Morgan Morgan born 1900, he died before he was 11yrs old. The whole family were coalminers. They used to live in Cardiff .Glamorgan, South Wales moved to 11 Graig Berthlwyd Quakers Yard, moved to Tai Machine Llanfabon, then to 6 Llwyncelyn Terrace Nelson. At one time, the family lived at The Nelson Inn.  Taliesin Morgan i believe, was married to a Mary nee Williams, and they possibly had some children, maybe they were living at 28 Springfield Terrace Nelson. Taliesin Morgan moved to Kent round about 1928-29, where he started work at Betteshanger Colliery as a Wages Clerk. He then married again and i am his son. He passed away in 1952. 
ray morgan
elizabeth downs, Australia
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