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I am looking for MICHELE and VITTORIA CORIGLIANO. They were born in Acquaro di Cosoleto, provence of Reggio Calabria, Italy around 1950 and 1954 respectively. Their mother lost the husband in Italy. The name of the father of Michele and Vittoria was

ROCCO CORIGLIANO. The mother becoming a widow married another man, Giuseppe Rositani from Villa San Giuseppe, Reggio Calabria Italy who at the time was resident in Argentina. They got married and in the early 1960s the woman come together with the children and her parents to Argentina. We remember that the step-father in Argentina used to have land, horses, restaurants.

We lost the connection around 1968. Perhaps with all the political events in Argentina many things happened since then. If you know something about these people, please let me know. They are my cousins. I am the grandson of DON BARTOLO ROSITANI from Acquaro di Cosoleto. I reside now in the USA. Thanks for your time. God bless you! 


Antonino Angileri
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