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Isabelle Aumiller Wilt Family
Nancy Lee Wilt
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I hope Curtis Aumiller gets this post.  I am the Great Grandaughter of Isabelle Aumiller Wilt.  Isabelle's father was Manassah whose father was George Michael Jr.  whose father was George Michael Sr., whose father was Johannes "John"  Sr. whose father was Conrad Aumiller.

I noticed on your family tree that yo uhad no information on Isabelle other than she was married to Samuel Wilt.  Actually he was Samuel C. Wilt Jr.

 I have started a family tree on my heritage and will be adding info about the Aumiller/ Wilt Families.

I you have anything else you would like to share you can e-mail me at my3sons35@verizon.net

Nancy Lee Wilt
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