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Looking for sister named Gay Marie Wanger Jr. (Manthey)
Fay Manthey
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She was born in 1948 on July 15th.  In Seward ,Alaska   To Guy Joseph Manthey and Victoria Viola Manthey.   She has a sister named Fay Clara Eastwood, Johnson, Laplante Gumbleton, (Manthey)   Had a brother named Guy Joseph Manthey Jr.  She had a son named Bernard Lee Wanger Jr. Born July 18, 1976.   She was married in Anchorage I beleive around  April 14, 1969.  To Bernard Lee Wagner Sr.  She was living in Lake Worth, Florida the last that I had heard .  She may have remarried and  going by the name of Gay Marie Jaszczenski Jr.  Her husband's name would be Edmund Louis If it is the right Gay manthey , they were married on August 27, 1982 in Palm Beach, Florida.  They would be in Vollume 5213, Cert#083538.   

She lived at mile 41/2  down the road from the Pitt Bar.  We use to catch the school bus  by the Pitt Bar.  She had a do named Tykie he was brown and black.

If any one knows of her.and Know where she may be would you please get ahold of me At 1(509)218-4245 or write me at 1217 E. Glass Ave.  Spokane, Washington  99207       Thank in advance Fay Gumbleton her sister.

Fay Manthey
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