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adoption karlsruhe germany
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Looking for sister veronika .  Brother Michael Gene Kunz / Cleto Herbert Elmore  Mother Charlette /  greatgrandmother Katrina who got killed in a accident  around 1964   Thats when we were seperated from each other.  Grandmother Berta (Berndt) Oxspring and Grandfather Dennis Oxspring moved to America to Tacoma, Washington State around 1964 and left us with grandma Katrina and mother Charlette who abandoned us.  After Grandma Katrina got killed michael (me) had to leave veronika / veronica and baby cleto home alone while I went out looking for free food everyday just to keep alive.  I done this for weeks.  Waiting for grandma Katrina to come home.  One day the police came to the door. I was only a child.  I was told grandma was never coming back , and she got hit by a truck or something.  We were put into boys home and veronika / veroica  had family of the fathers side.  She was taken away.  I got out of boys home with my baby brother Cheto and found her one day and we hide in a barn.  The German Police found us and we were seperated again.  I was then put into a bad boys home.  We have a Uncle Herbert Lang still in Karlsruhe, Germany. Where I don't know.  We have a Aunt Wanedith in America.  Veronika name could of been changed.  She had to be born around 1958 - 1962. I can't remember how old she the last time I saw her.   6 years old or older when taken to family  Strubble / struible / strobel / staeuble /  or something else. West Karlsrhule ?  We lived near a bakery.  We lived on 6 floor buiding.   Please help! 
Ms Liberty
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