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Joseph Henry Laframboise Genealogy
Gilles Laframboise
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Hi folks,

I am interested in getting as much information as possible in regards to the Laframboise Family Genealogy. Joseph Henry (my grand father ; Born I believe in 1890) had 4 sons; Paul, Roger, Gerald and Denis.

He was married to Adoralice Labonte (born in 1901). Apparently we was the son of a farmer who was raised and lived in St-Isodore, Ontario.

I will attempt to collect as much information possible and post it on my web site:


A special section will be dedicated for both my parents the Gagnon and Laframboise. The Gagnon is completed, however I went as far as 1640' ish.

 If you have tips, or recommendations, let me know. I tried the new LAC's web site about Genealogy and its not helpful one bit.




Gilles Laframboise
Ottawa, Canada
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