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Abinah Wood and Susannah Humphreys
Kelley Wood-Davis
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In 1903, the book "History and genealogy of the descendants of Abinah Wood and Susannah Humphreys" was published.  It can be accessed at http://www.archive.org/details/historygenealogy00wood.

I am working on extending this document to the present time and am looking for ANY and ALL descendants. If anyone has any info or thinks they may be related to the Wood family of Pennsylvania (descendants spread out to New Jersey, Missouri, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, California, Texas and other places) PLEASE let me know! I will gladly share the vast collection I have on the descendants of this family.  My database can be found at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=wooddesce
Surnames from this line:
Adams, Ainsworth, Airhart, Artzberger, Abbis, Baggerly, Bozic, Bodley, Bratt, Brown, Card, Cable, Condor, Crawford, Dean, Daniel, Delo, Edwards, Fairchild, Fowkes, Gilmore, Graham, Gilbert, Hardistry, Hawker, Herbert, Husher, Hunter,  Jenkens, Jennings, Jordan, Kroll, Knight, Lathrop, Long, Locke, Leland, Lindsley, Lynch, Marmee, Miller, Mix, Murphy, McConnell, McDavid, McGinnis, Moon, Nugent, Nichols, Nelson, Phillips, Roberts, Rainbow, Suter, Sprague, Strickler, Sproat, Shaffer, Shaffer, Stainer, Smith, Stacy, Tompson, Thompson, Vanden Bosche, Viale, Weaver, Wood, Young
Kelley Wood-Davis
Norwalk, IA
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