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Maggie (or Mary, Margaret) Elizabeth Cole "Liz" Mowa-Choctaw roots
Melissa Reed
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Trying to help my husband trace his Mowa Choctaw roots.  Looking for info on Maggie (or Mary, Margaret) Elizabeth Cole "Liz"  birth day and place unknown but death was June 2, 1969.  She is buried at Charity Chapel Cem. near Citranell, Alabama. 

First marriage was to George Byrd, who has family connections to the ownership of Byrd Cemetary in Alabama.  Children were Ella who married Henry Bass, Jane who married Joe Patrick "Joe-Mac", Bessie who married Nedham (Needham) Reed-Liz's second husband to-be's brother, and Henry Brook(s) who married 2-3 times (one wife Nancy Taylor and another was Minnie Byrd-no relation).

Second marriage was to Wesley Reed birth unclear but death was abt 1941-42 and buried at St. Thomas Church Cem. in Mcntosh (probably spelled wrong), Alabama.  Children were Leo Reed and William Reed. 

I have a little more info on both these lines.

My husband remembers Liz's distinct Indian features so I think the Mowa-Choctaw heritage may have been carried thru her.  He rememers her beautiful long grey hair, it was his grandma Liz.  The Mowa-Choctaw is State recognized but that's all.  This band has interacial histories that make it very hard to trace.  Way back you were classified as either black or white.  A lot of the tribe was wrongly classified as African American because some were Cajin Mallada.  This made it even more difficult to trace since this classification had very little if no rites and Indians did not keep records like we do today either.  So it is extinction thru reclassification.

I am having a very very tough time finding any info.  Please any lead is good.  Please email me for I do not get back to these sites regularly.  vernreed@hotmail.com



Melissa Reed
Kingwood, TX
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