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Vega Family
Ernesto/Arturo Pulido de Vega
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I am looking for information on my mom's side of the family from Mexico City. My mom's name was Maria Vega and married my dad Jose Pulido. Her parents were Juan Vega and Josefa Delgado, they live in Mexico City. I know of an uncle Martin who was married and had 3 children I think (2 boys and 1 girl), I'm not sure if he was younger or older them my mom. My grandparents also have an adopted son Luis who would be in his 50's now. My grandfather was in construction and my grandmother made tortilla to sell the the neighbors. I am second of 6 children. My older brother Jose de Jesus, after me is Margarita, Gloria (Yolanda), Juan and Maricela. Mom passes away from cancer after giving birth to Maricela. By the way my name is Ernesto but everyone in the family calls me Arturo. If anyone has information or questions please send me an e-mail.

Ernesto (Arturo) Pulido

Ernesto/Arturo Pulido de Vega
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