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Fergusons --Scotland toNJ> IL>IN>KS>OK
charlene mundy
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Ferguson - Scotland emigrants/ came to US different times from 1845-1858 (5 brothers, 1 sister came but others stayed in Scotland), briefly lived n NJ, by 1860 in Clark/Crawford Co., Illinois and Vigo/Sullivan Co., Indiana.  Three brothers in Civil War. One brother moved to KS by 1870 and died in OK.

John Hill Ferguson, James W. Ferguson, George W. Ferguson, Thomas Millar Ferguson, William (and other siblings) b. Scotland to John and Susannah Ferguson.

Names of wives (not in order): Margaret Daley, Julia (Judith) Fulton, Elizabeth Simpson, Mary Ann Williams, Jane Coyrell Rogers.

Names of some of their children (Fergusons): George M., George W., Thomas, Thomas A., Agnes E., Robert T., John, Margaret C., James O., James Alexander, Eleanor Brown, Ella Madora, Bruce, Latitia, Elizabeth, Susan, Mary Ann, , Margaret A.,

I have much information if these are also your ancestors.

If you recognize any of these contact me

charlene mundy
Ruidoso, NM
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