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SENNETT/SENNITT one name study
Corinne Curtis
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I have a registered one name study (with the Guild of one-name studies www.one-name.org)  on SENNETT and am trying to gather as much information as I can about anyone with this name, as well as reconstruct family trees in an attempt to link as many people as I can with this surname.  If anyone is interested in forming a SENNETT society, or in sharing research, please contact me.  As a member of GOONS I don't make any charge for sharing information that I have.  My own Sennett ancestors came from Ireland (Co. Wicklow) to West Yorkshire in about 1847, but I also have a lot of information on other lines, some also descended from Ireland, as well as ones who appear to have always been in the UK (Sennitts of Stretham, Cambridge, and Sennetts from Marazion, Cornwall, for instance).

Corinne Curtis
United Kingdom
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