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CAPORALE, Antoinette - married (M. GUIDA) Avellino, Milano, Bergamo
James Tobin
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Last names,Cities,or ports, and even passenger ships were sometimes not recorded properly, so that adds on lots of time to these searches.

Michael Guida sailed to Ellis Island on August 2, 1892.  We believed the ships' name was "La Maggiore", but on the ellisisland website, this ship was not listed.  His wife to be and their son guiseppe sailed about one year later to ellis island on may 2, 1893, aboard the ship belived to be "La Scala", but this ship also was not part of the entries of ships.  I think the Port they left from was either Genoa in the north of Italy or Napoli, in the south, but not sure. 

Michael had a brother named Joseph (aka another Guiseppe) and Leo.  There was also rumors that Michael came from Milano, or Avellino.

Caporale > Parents were Michael Guida and Mother was Antoinette Caporale. They had these kids.

Guida > Guiseppe, Leo, Victoria, Albert, James, Anna, Helen,and Margaret.  Victoria (My grandmother) married Perley Ancel Dewey

Dewey>  then had five kids. They were ( My Mother ) Victoria R., Jacqueline P., Geradine G., William H., and Joanna P.
James Tobin
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