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Walter Godden descendants (born 1880 Dean, Hampshire UK)
Vicki Kay
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Looking for living descendants of children of Walter Godden & Emily Elizabeth Clarke

Doris Godden - born 1903 London

Amy Godden - born 1905 London

Walter Godden - born 20 dec 1906 London 

Cyril Godden - born 1908 London

Daughter of Cyril is keen to make contact with living family members in UK to find out more about family 

Vicki Kay
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RE: Walter Godden descendants (born 1880 Dean, Hampshire UK)
Katherine Skelton
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Hi there

 I was just googling Cyril Godden when I came upon your request for relatives to come forward. I am not a relative but my partner James Garratt may be distantly but only through marriage. If the daughter of Cyril is by Hilda Rose Reed / Garratt / Godden, then I can tell you that James is the last of that immediate Garratt line which Hilda was briefly married into. His grandfather is James F Garratt, brother of William who Hilda was married to circa 1933-1937. James was the only surviving child when William died, and went on to have only one son, who himself had only one son (my partner).

 I hope you have since met or spoken to some relatives, it is such a fascinating story!

 Kind Regards,

 Katherine Skelton

Katherine Skelton
Westcliff On Sea, United Kingdom
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